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Registering a domain

Internet domains provide us with the task of accessing a web server allowing browse our favorite information portal, because as you know, a domain name translates or redirect an IP address easier to remember, for example, Wikipedia terms. org. In other words, without the existence of this system of domain names or DNS Internet users would have to type in the address bar of the web browser the IP address of the server on which a portal his name known domain staying in place.

Now a domain is located within the ccTLD type, or territorial TLDs, which are domains that manage organizations based in each country respectively as appropriate. In the case of Argentina, the territorial superior level domains “.jp” are administered by the regulatory government body and of course the National Registration of Internet Domains. Then let’s what interests you, how to register a domain


Registering a domain

Just go to the government website that works as a provider of ccTLD domains in Argentina,, you can check in the following steps:

After accessing the website NIC Argentina, the first step is to make sure your domain is available. To do this click on the “search domains” and then “see”, if available have the immediate option to register, is not available must lean on the other similar domain name.
First you must be registered with the NIC system to opt for a domain, so for this click “register” at the top of the portal, then log in with your username and password. Now, click on “register domain” to add it to your shopping cart.
The next step will pay your domain by clicking “continue” within the truck applications. Click “new billing information” Register your information and press “Continue” then proceed with payment information then clicking on “pay”.
The payment your new domain will appear in the “domains” section within the control panel NIC Argentina; Later you can click on “delegate” to enter the DNS server information will point to where that domain regularly to your web hosting.


And that’s it! Too easy right? We must emphasize the excellent work they have done in NIC Argentina, because its management interface is extremely friendly, very easy to understand and it is also striking to the eye. Registering a domain becomes a very simple thing if you follow to the letter these steps if you want to receive more information about it I recommend you read this article wwwMejoreshostingpro also can register up to 10 domains at once if you want as shown in the web portal NIC. If you have this information helpful to you we suggest the share so that everyone knows how to get a top-level domain .jp quickly and in a few steps.

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Bluehost was founded back in 1996 by Matt Heaton and is currently one of the most popular web hosting service providers. For this reason, it has become necessary to write a Bluehost Review 2016 wwwMejoreshostingpro. This web hosting service works perfectly for all types of web developers, whether expert or amateur. For amateurs, they offer a free drag-and-drop site builder to enable users to create websites without having to hire website designers. Besides that, users can also take advantage of tools offered to create a site optimized for mobile devices.


Benefits of Bluehost

First is the uptime of the service, which averages at 99.9%. As most of us already know, this is above average performance.

Another key feature of Bluehost is the security. They offer users anti spam tools, hotlink protection and IP address blacklist. In addition, your site data is backed up regularly and this can spare you the stress of having to start from scratch incase anything happens to your website.

Bluehost also has a dedicated customer support team that is available all hours of the day or night and at all times of the year. Users can get through to the customer support team via phone, email or even on live chat.


Bluehost features three main shared hosting plans. The basic plan costs 3.95 USD, the plus plan costs 6.95 USD per month and the business pro plan costs 14.95 USD per month. All plans will include unlimited bandwidth and a free domain. The business pro plan even allows one the capacity to host an unlimited number of websites and operate an unlimited number of email accounts. This is especially important for those with many employees. The prices stated in this Bluehost Review 2016 apply only if you choose to pay for three years. Otherwise, you may have to pay more.


Bluehost offers new users a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

Bluehost is worth trying out.

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