Joomla Tutorials: Using and Managing Components in a Joomla Web Site

Components allow you to add elements to your site such as calendars, message board forums, profiles for users, video directories, comment and rating systems, staff directories, classified ads and much more. When looking for a component you should ask yourself “What do I want my website to DO?”
Instructions for use of components varies widely and so I’ve covered the basics here, while covering more in depth instructions in other articles about specific components.

You can download components from many different providers on the Internet. There are many free and commercial components available for Joomla web sites. The easiest way to find components that will accomplish what you want is to visit the extensions directory at There are also ratings and reviews of the extensions there, so it may give you an idea of the ease of use and quality of the component.

How to install a component to your Joomla web site:

1) Log in to your administration area at

2) In the row of menus across the top, choose “installers”

3) Choose “Components” from the drop down menu.

4) Use the browse button to find the component file on your hard drive.

5) Click upload.

Many components have related mambots and modules available. Mambots allow for searching and inserting things such as photos, videos, etc into your content. Modules allow for displaying of data from your component in featured areas on your page. Depending on the provider, you may have to download each of them separately or they may come together in a zip file. If they come as a package, you will have to unzip the package file before installing the items.

Components, Modules or Mambots that are downloaded individually should not be unzipped before installing. They are supposed to be zipped files.

If you get a message that says a file is not set up as a component file, you either need to unzip the file first to find the component zip file inside or you are trying to install a module or mambot.

How to edit or configure components on your Joomla web site:

1) Log in to your administration area at

2) In the row of menus across the top, choose “Components”

3) Choose the component you want to edit or configure from the drop down menu

4) Most components will have an options menu slide out to the right when you roll your mouse over them. Most have a “Configure” option. This is where you will make configuration changes.

5) Click the disk icon to save your changes.

How viewers access your component from your web site – Creating a link to your component on your Joomla web site:

In order for web site visitors to see your calendar, directory or other Joomla component, you will need to create a link in one of the menus so that they can access it.

1) Log in to your administration area at

2) In the row of menus across the top, go to “menus”

3) Click the menu in the drop down menu that you want to add the link to – this will depend on where on the page you want the link to appear

4) Click the “new” button on the top right of the page

5) Click “Component” on the right of the page that offers different type of links to add.

6) Give your link a name such as “Upcoming Events” or “Our Staff”.

7) Choose the component you are linking to from the list of components available.

8) Click the disk icon to save.

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